When we analyze the flow of international students to and from different countries with a motive of pursuing MBBS courses, we can see a major attraction towards Ukraine, one of the best European countries in the world. With world famous medical universities and renowned educational institutions, Ukraine provides quality education for potential students who seek to have a great professional life and an amazing future.

Doing your MBBS and even Post Graduation in Medical Sciences in Ukraine is a good option for students who have a comprehensive plan of researching more on their specializations and to get in-depth knowledge on modern life-saving equipment used worldwide. Universities in Ukraine are categorized under National or State levels. These are government universities and the certificates awarded by these government universities are internationally recognized and highly accredited. The country offers exciting opportunities for MBBS students as well as great options for post graduation studies in Ukraine. Let us discuss the opportunities you receive after the successful completion of MBBS in Ukraine.

  1. A seamless option to build career in Ukraine or in India
  2. Choose for any other European Union countries

A seamless option to build career in Ukraine or in India

After the completion of MBBS in Ukraine, depending upon your personal academic interests, you can start your professional life either in Ukraine or in India. As an Indian medical student, if you think to start your career in India, the first step you should do is to attend the Medical Council of India test. For practising in India, all international medical students need to qualify the entrance exam conducted by the Indian Medical Council (IMC). This screening test is conducted twice every year and is not associated with any negative marks. You need to attain an aggregate of 50 per cent. This test by IMC is treated as the license to practice in India.

Another option is to stay in Ukraine and start building your career or continue with your post-graduation studies in Medical science. Either as a postgraduate student or professional doctor, Ukraine is one of the top countries highly recognized for providing limitless opportunities to study in-depth on various issues related to the lives of people. The country offers the use of many cutting edge technologies for your practice that enhances the quality life of your patients.

Choose for any other European Union countries

Recent trends indicate a high chance of migrating to European countries and if you are really fascinated by the limitless opportunities provided by the leading European nation, United Kingdom, then prepare yourself for PLAB test. International medical students prove their skills and expertise by at first by attending this screening test. Once you pass the PLAB test, you are given the legal permit to work in the UK. Most of the medical students choose the UK as their dream career destination mainly because of the professional and personal benefits the Government of UK provides to both medical and paramedical professionals working in their country.