The increasing old age community and the increased demand for outpatient and inpatient healthcare services contribute to the need of nursing professionals in Germany. The hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, old age homes, etc. face the shortage of nursing professionals. According to the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), Germany has only an average of 29 nurses in the place of every 100 geriatric nursing vacancies. So many employment agencies are in a rush to recruit nurses for hospitals in Germany. But to get a nursing job in Germany is not an easy task.

Nurses vacancy in Germany 2019

Only after going through the formalities prescribed by the German government, nursing professionals can manage to get a nursing job in Germany. There are mainly four formal procedures to take up the career of a nurse in Germany. Firstly, you must have the prescribed set of qualifications; secondly, you need to have proficiency in the German language. Thirdly, you must possess a police clearance certificate and fourthly, you must be physically fit. Here, we give you a brief description of the four formalities you must fulfill that help you to know more about the governmental policies of Germany.

Professional Qualification Set: For gaining nursing home jobs in Germany or for any hospital or clinical jobs in Germany, initially any international nursing professional must possess a certain set of qualifications put forwarded by the competent German authorities. They will scrutinize your professional and work experience and if they find slight deviations from the prescribed set of qualifications, they will recommend you to join any German Nursing Adaptation courses to make you a qualified candidate to apply for staff nurse vacancy in Germany 2019

The Fluency in the German Language: To take up any type of jobs in Germany, the fluency in native German language is a must. International candidates need to obtain B1 or B2 German proficiency level certificate that proves your proficiency in the German language.

Good Health certificate: Certificates proving your good physical health duly signed by any of the doctors working in Germany is an essential certificate for getting a nursing job in Germany.

Police clearance certificate: A police clearance certificate issued by the police authorities of the country in which the international nursing professional belongs to is needed for applying for a nursing job in Germany. Or the certificate from the German Police authorities is also enough to prove your trustworthiness.

You can directly meet any Germany nursing recruitment agency in Kerala, who gives a clear picture of all formalities, salary details, remuneration and the personal benefits of being assigned as a staff nurse in any of the hospitals, clinics, care homes etc. in Germany. They also will guide you on how to get Germany visa for Indian nurses working in German hospitals. The country offers three levels of nursing training programs for the aspirants. They are general nurses, pediatric nurses and geriatric nurses. After the successful completion of these three vocational, nursing training courses, they can become professional nurses in Germany.