With each passing year, we can see a steadfast increase in the number of professionals and students migrating to other counties to pursue their career and academic life. European countries rank in the top list of international destinations offering beneficial professional life for people. Among the countries in the European Union, Germany tends to provide frequent requirements for Indian nurses to work in Germany. The country is experiencing a severe shortage of experienced nursing professionals and is reported to have huge vacancies in thousands.

The only barrier for nurses to get jobs in Germany is the German government policy to know the official language of Germany. The language German is not taught in any of the educational institutions in India offering Medical or Paramedical courses. Based on the latest statistics revealed by the Federal Employment Agency (BA), in Germany, they have the availability of only 29 nurses in the place of 100 geriatric nurses.

Set Of Policies For Nurses In Germany

Job opportunity for professionals work as a Nurse in Germany is followed by a series of benefits and perks both for the professional as well as their personal life. To get Germany Working Visa for nurses, they must pass four official formalities put forward by the Government of Germany.

First Criteria:

Visa for Staff Nurse to Germany issued by the competent German authority first asks for your prescribed set of certificates showing your eligibility for the posts.

Second Criteria:

You will be requested to prove your proficiency in the official language of Germany, The German.

Third Criteria:

As an important formality to prove your credibility and trustworthiness, both the professional nurses to Germany from Kerala, collectively Indian nurses will be asked to provide a police clearance certificate issued from your native country, that is India or you need to furnish certificates certified by the German Police Authorities.

Fourth Criteria:

The fourth and important formality of any healthcare professional seeking jobs under the German healthcare sectors is that of Physical fitness certificate submission. Your Good Health Certificate issued by any competent health authority, that is a doctor working in Germany is mandatory for applying for German Visa.

How To Get German Language Proficiency?

The knowledge of the German language is a prerequisite demanded by the Government of Germany for pursuing any type of professional careers in Germany. As the German language is throughout used by the natives of Germany, the proficiency in this language is a must to deliver timely healthcare services to patients seeking for treatments from clinics, hospitals, old age and nursing homes, etc. Any German visa agency in Kerala can help you in finding bridging/adaptation programs to increase your proficiency in the language.

Requirements for German Visa

German visa agencies in India have enough expertise and in-depth knowledge on the rules and regularities associated with the procedures for securing Germany visa for Indian nurses.

1. Detailed Resume

2. Work Experience Certificates

3. Nursing Council Registration Certificates

4. Nursing Degree (B. Sc./M. Sc.)/Diploma Certificates With Individual Semester Transcripts

5. High School Certificates

6. Valid Passport