Germany has one of the fastest and tremendously growing economies in the world. Among the countries belonging to the European Union, Germany tops the list with the most dynamic and growing economy. Compared to other developed countries in the world, Germany has a lower unemployment rate. And the fact is that Germany’s healthcare sector is in search of professional and skilled nurses to serve their hospitals, clinics, old age homes, etc. Apart from the persisting shortage of certified nurses for Germany, the German government is planning to create more opportunities for nursing professionals in the form of newly created vacancies.

Forecasting the possible requirements for well-trained nurses under various specializations like paediatrics, oncology nursing, nephrology, psychiatry etc., competent authorities are involved in a quick plan to generate vacancies that in turn opens great opportunities for Indian nurses. India boasts of having a pool of talented and well-versed nursing professionals and is the number one supplier of quality healthcare professionals in the world.

How hospitals in Germany serve the best for their nurses?

The list of benefits that any registered nurse enjoys in their working environment in Germany is beyond our expectations. The hospitals and clinics in Germany have state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies. With remarkable hygienic conditions and highly secured work environments, the hospital premises offer an incredible work ambience for their staffs. The main benefit of these hospitals is that they pay high salaries and highly recognize the efforts of the nurses. They provide holiday periods as per government norms considering the importance of their family and the need for their well-being. Almost every hospital proposes indefinite contract periods that legally permit nurses to work in the same hospital until we feel to shift to other working areas. 

How to get a Nursing job in Germany

The one big speciality of hospitals in Germany is that they all search for foreign nursing professionals to meet their Requirement Registered Staff Nurse demands. The reason behind this approach is that registered nurses from other countries like India exhibit high proficiency in their works. These nurses do it as their service. Moreover, nurses from India tend to have specialized experience in different domains of nursing like intensive care nursing, theatre nursing, psychiatric nursing, nephrology nursing, pain therapy nursing, paediatric nursing, anaesthetic nursing etc.

The role of Language in the selection process

Having proficiency in the German language is a must to have qualification prescribed by the German authorities. For acquiring proficiency in the German language, German Language training programs like bridging/adaptation programs.

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