Among all the top professions in the world, MBBS has its own distinct position and value as it serves the life to the most intelligent species on earth, i.e. Human beings. And when we go in deep about pursuing such a toughest and dynamic course of the century, the educational destination where you start your studies is a serious question that every aspirant faces. Especially with Indians, their search for top quality medical education often ends in MBBS and their favorite educational destination will be Ukraine.

As the most popular European country world’s finest medical universities, life and study in Ukraine will be of surprise and innovation. The land is famously known as the heart of Europe and offers an excellent education to Indian students as well as aspirants from other foreign nations irrespective of their nationality.


All admission formalities associated with foreign nationalities for taking up MBBS programs in Ukraine must comply with their “Regulations on the admission of foreigners and stateless persons to study in higher education establishments.” And later, the applications are reserved for the decisions made by the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine. Ukraine Medical Council will provide all sorts of information for potential students regarding the overall cost of MBBS in Ukraine, the filling up of application forms and the details of essential documents to be included in the application, etc. The department of Ukraine Medical Council – UMC is there to assure quality and credibility in Ukraine and is even associated with powers for processing and filling up of application forms from foreign nationals, collecting their invitation to study in Ukraine, arranging a meeting with the potential students to give in-depth understanding of the facilities like accommodation, jobs and other necessities.


First and foremost, for every Indian student to study MBBS in Ukraine they must possess the eligibility certificate issued by the Indian Medical Council. For the students, Indian Medical Council has arranged an online facility to download the certificate.

Eligibility Marks from Indian Higher Secondary Education

For taking up an MBBS course in Ukraine, they ask for an aggregate of 60 percent in all the main science subjects-Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 10th, 11th and 12th classes. A good score for English is highly recommended and is treated as a compulsory language in its eligibility criteria. All students coming from all caste types and religions must follow the same rule and the country offers no relaxation for students belonging to any type of backward classes like OBC, SC, and ST category.


A remarkable opportunity in Ukraine waits for students seeking admission in other universities except in Odessa. These universities ask for no entrance exam and request only 50 percent in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Even though English is treated as a compulsory language, securing a pass mark in English is enough for these universities. Students belonging to OBC, SC and ST categories are given relaxation up to 40%.